When it comes to studying there can sometimes be a gap between what you intend to do and what you do do.

The effect of this is that you get less done than you want.

Sometimes this can simply be down to some unexpected event getting in the way.

However, if there is a pattern to this happening then you need to look at why. And one common reason why this can happen is if you are lacking motivation.

If you’re having difficulty getting yourself motivated, try and get to the root cause. Otherwise I’m afraid you may be destined to keep repeating the same pattern!

When’s the right time to use StudyCoach?

In late August I was chatting with an Irish secondary student who’d used StudyCoach last (academic) year. He was on the brink of starting back to school and wondered was it time to put together a plan.

We could have done so but I suggested we hold off a week or two.  That would give him a chance to get a feel for where he is at with his schedule, teachers and subjects.

I know it’s good to start as you mean to continue.  But that first week back at school is a big change for people after the long summer.  So there’s no harm just taking a week or so to get back into the swing of things with the school routine.