This service helps you reach closer to your academic potential without you getting unduly stressed and without you spending excessive time at studying.

It does this in two ways:

  • Dispensing with the traditionally rigid timetable
  • Ensuring your different subjects get the differing levels of attention they need

Let’s look at each of these in turn.

Dispensing with the traditionally rigid timetable

With a traditional timetable, you study particular subjects at particular times, e.g., maths after dinner at 7pm on a Monday for 45 minutes.

But what happens if, after putting together your timetable, your schedule changes?  For example, you take up a sport on Monday evenings.  Or your Wednesday evenings are freed up because your drama class finishes.  Or you decide to regularly join your friends at the gym on Thursday evenings.

Let’s look at one potential change – you taking up that sport on a Monday evening. So you’re now no longer studying at the time when you had been timetabled to do maths.  What now?  When do you now do that maths?  You could produce a new timetable but, in order to make room for the maths, you might have to make extensive changes to the timetable.

Or what if something just crops up that’s not going to be a regular thing.  E.g., you’re typically studying Geography and History on Tuesday evenings but your favourite football team has a Champions League match.  Or you’re sick.  Or your mother needs you to mind your younger sister for a few hours.  Or your girlfriend is having trouble with her boyfriend and needs your listening ear.  In other words, what happens to your standard timetable when life gets in the way?  Because life has a habit of doing that!

The traditional timetable just doesn’t easily allow for either changes or disruptions.

Imagine instead a different sort of timetable, one that removes the need to study particular subjects at particular times.  This immediately eliminates all the stress and hassle associated with changing circumstances.

With this approach, your stress is reduced.  And you stay confident even when something unexpected happens or if your schedule changes for some reason.

Ensuring different subjects get the differing levels of attention they need

You are a unique individual and, because of that, the differing levels of effort that your various subjects need is unique to you.  For example, you might love English and find it very easy while at the same time you might struggle with maths and need to spend extra time on it.  Or you might have an outstanding teacher in one subject who knows the marking scheme intimately and is a natural disciplinarian while in another subject you have a young and inexperienced teacher who’s still finding their feet in the profession.

StudyCoach provides you with a clear visual sequence in which to study your subjects so that they all get the attention they deserve.  You’ll always know what’s next.  You’ll always have a clear sense of momentum, of progress.  You can be confident that you’re studying the right subjects in the right sequence.  That you’re using your time effectively.  That you’re on track.

The price is €40 inclusive of VAT. If you’re ready to buy, email me and I’ll reply with details on how to pay.